Monday, December 2, 2013

Aquarium Light

We are also in process to develop Easy LED Aquarium Light set.
Our kit comes with a lower power level LED driver, and one to three Easy LED modules. The reason we use lower power driver is that typical fish tank has depth about 3 feet; unlike typical room application is shining down from 8 feet ceiling. Also lower power mean energy saving, this is especially important if you turn on the aquarium light 24 hrs a day. 
The mounting is easy.  just fit our module at top edge of cover with double sided tape; or place an overhang truss (eg. 1x2 wood) over fish tank and replace our module at top edge as below photos shown. Diffuser installation link.

Use 700mA (vs 1400mA) driver to deliver a softer light output than typically room lighting at 8' height or higher.

700mA also mean use less energy.

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