Friday, December 20, 2013

World Lamp assembly instruction

World lamp is Shop light from Easy LED Lighting

The parts needed to assembly one World Lamp:
Light gut set has two LED module, driver and wire set,
One piece Lamp shell,
Snap lock pack (7 locks).

Fold tabs near diffuser window up right and align to holes, use snap lock to tighten tabs together to form chamber walls. When folding the tabs, use hand or a ruler to press against the folding line.

Snap lock is a set of plastic push in screw and nut, they can be push in; but to really tighten parts, still turn screw to tight.  
Insert LED modules through two slots at top of lamp shell, 

Insert electrical wire plug through top open at lamp shell, place LED driver at middle chamber,
close the opening door, tape them together if possible. 
Turn chamber walls up right. Fold down the latch tabs on inner lid to hold walls in position,
After hold all 4 walls at position, close lamp lid.
Use snap lock to fasten lamp lid, use the complete set to lock holes at both side, use only the screw for middle hole, where the nut is glued to inner lid.
Lamp can be hang via screw hole on both LED module, or can be nailed or screwed to wood frame vie those screw holes.

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