Monday, December 9, 2013

Terrarium application

A customer use our light for his terrarium for rain forest frog. His site is FrogCube.

This customer use our easy LED light to replace his old LED tube. You can see the comparision at below pictures. On the left is our 45 watts Easy LED kit installed; on the right is a LED light tube. You can compare the brightness and color temperature.

Another photo with terrarium tank installed. Still compare to a LED tube on the right.
I do have concern about the 45Watt kit being too bright for this application, typical household fish tank or terrarium tank at 4' depth or less could use less driving power to match with household light, that's why we recommend 700mA driver for general household use at 4' distance; but this customer wants his tank to be very bright  and he shots photo and video at his setup. Our kit just works very well at natural white, closest to day light.  You can see his post at forum. I will add more photos at our blog as this customer update his site.
Nothing concludes better than this customer's own blog

"My final conclusion is these are great buy for anyone looking for an easy low profile solution for lighting rack of tanks, or one long tank. Not only are they bright and sure to keep all your plants healthy, they are also a nice 5000K white perfect for viewing your terrariums are taking photos of the tenants inside. And if you look at my light readings for the bottom of my tank, you’ll see there is plenty of light to record their activities."

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