Friday, December 27, 2013

Torchiere lamp fit

Torchiere lamp projects its light mainly upward toward ceiling and then reflects down. Using LED or CFL bulbs is not as effective nor as bright as using our LED base lamp. This conversion had brighten many rooms and many users are very happy with the result.

This conversion use a LED base lamp, it is configured with two easy LED modules stick on both sides of driver, This is a 32 watt LED base lamp with diffusers. One of good application for this base lamp is to be a LED replacement luminaries for torchiere lamp; It's very bright yet only use 32 watts. Not just energy, I did this also because the CFL bulbs used in lamp were making too much noise for reading.
The kit comes as 2 diffusers, pre-wired 2 bent LED module and one driver.

(1) first install diffusers on to the modules.
(2) peel off the double sided tape and fasten LED modules to two sides of driver, with light output point outward.

This is our LED light Gut, about 9" long, 4" tall and 5.5" wide, weight just 1.0 lb

(3) Work on the torchiere Lamp, clean existing light gut that is either using light bulb or Halogen; only leave AC power wires
The metal plate can be bent using a pair of pliers for fitting in the bowl.

Adjust module inside Lamp shell so it can point light to where we need it most. See how bright it make a room.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

World Lamp assembly instruction

World lamp is Shop light from Easy LED Lighting

The parts needed to assembly one World Lamp:
Light gut set has two LED module, driver and wire set,
One piece Lamp shell,
Snap lock pack (7 locks).

Fold tabs near diffuser window up right and align to holes, use snap lock to tighten tabs together to form chamber walls. When folding the tabs, use hand or a ruler to press against the folding line.

Snap lock is a set of plastic push in screw and nut, they can be push in; but to really tighten parts, still turn screw to tight.  
Insert LED modules through two slots at top of lamp shell, 

Insert electrical wire plug through top open at lamp shell, place LED driver at middle chamber,
close the opening door, tape them together if possible. 
Turn chamber walls up right. Fold down the latch tabs on inner lid to hold walls in position,
After hold all 4 walls at position, close lamp lid.
Use snap lock to fasten lamp lid, use the complete set to lock holes at both side, use only the screw for middle hole, where the nut is glued to inner lid.
Lamp can be hang via screw hole on both LED module, or can be nailed or screwed to wood frame vie those screw holes.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fluorescent lamp Conversion/Replacement

Some Fluorescent lamps have fluorescent tube(s) inside to emit light and diffuser cover. They can be a perfect housing for LED replacement, using our kit with LED modules and driver.
All you need is their housing and diffuser cover, all those tubes, ballast can be removed to make room for installation. Following photos are examples of lamps and their installation.
All you need to do is to make sure to position LED at least 3"+ away from diffuser and arrange them disturbed evenly around the lamp, fix modules and driver inside the lamp housing, and connect AC wires.  The lamp are now LED lamp instead of Fluorescent lamp. Bright, long life time, energy saving and humming noise free.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Terrarium application

A customer use our light for his terrarium for rain forest frog. His site is FrogCube.

This customer use our easy LED light to replace his old LED tube. You can see the comparision at below pictures. On the left is our 45 watts Easy LED kit installed; on the right is a LED light tube. You can compare the brightness and color temperature.

Another photo with terrarium tank installed. Still compare to a LED tube on the right.
I do have concern about the 45Watt kit being too bright for this application, typical household fish tank or terrarium tank at 4' depth or less could use less driving power to match with household light, that's why we recommend 700mA driver for general household use at 4' distance; but this customer wants his tank to be very bright  and he shots photo and video at his setup. Our kit just works very well at natural white, closest to day light.  You can see his post at forum. I will add more photos at our blog as this customer update his site.
Nothing concludes better than this customer's own blog

"My final conclusion is these are great buy for anyone looking for an easy low profile solution for lighting rack of tanks, or one long tank. Not only are they bright and sure to keep all your plants healthy, they are also a nice 5000K white perfect for viewing your terrariums are taking photos of the tenants inside. And if you look at my light readings for the bottom of my tank, you’ll see there is plenty of light to record their activities."

Monday, December 2, 2013

Aquarium Light

We are also in process to develop Easy LED Aquarium Light set.
Our kit comes with a lower power level LED driver, and one to three Easy LED modules. The reason we use lower power driver is that typical fish tank has depth about 3 feet; unlike typical room application is shining down from 8 feet ceiling. Also lower power mean energy saving, this is especially important if you turn on the aquarium light 24 hrs a day. 
The mounting is easy.  just fit our module at top edge of cover with double sided tape; or place an overhang truss (eg. 1x2 wood) over fish tank and replace our module at top edge as below photos shown. Diffuser installation link.

Use 700mA (vs 1400mA) driver to deliver a softer light output than typically room lighting at 8' height or higher.

700mA also mean use less energy.