Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What do you think of this LED Wall box light?

Our latest design: Easy LED Box light.
This is a Wall mount low cost utility light box like picture shown at below.

Tradditional Wall mount box light use fluorescent tubes in utility light box.
This one is about 4' long and use 70 Watt of Power.

Our Prototype LED box light is 28" long, prototype made with one piece of corrugated paper and diffuser film. The light is consist of two Easy LED module with mounting hardware. Liht output is 32Watt, mostly point toward at below where needed. The structure is extremely simple
There are two piece of Easy LED modules mounted on a bracket, with driver at middle.
module is bent to point light output at 45 degree below; and made small wedges at top for easy insertion of lamp cover box
The box is extremely simple as well, diffuser film at front opening and another opening
at back for hang at top of module assembly
All you need to do is to install the light module assembly to Wall electricity box, connect the wires.
Then put light box cover on to the light module assembly, it just hang by gravity and its edge will
snag fit in between wall and the module plates. Then the light is ready for use

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Friday, July 11, 2014

LED panel Light

LED panel light is a flat panel that generates soft uniform LED light output. It usually come in with area size compatible to fluorescent Troffer ceiling light.  Unlike troffer lamp, LED panel lamp usually thick within 2" vs 5" thick of troffer lamp.
There are two ways to build LED panel light.
One way is to use multiple smaller LED to setup a matrix to make evenly light area light source. With no or little diffuser panel, an area panel can emit light evenly. This method requires circuit running at entire panel area, so it suits smaller panel better.

The other method is to set powerful LED light source at edge of panel, then place special light diffuser plate at entire area. This diffuser panel has special cuts and groves to make light through it distributed evenly. This way, the costly LED circuit won't be very large, more suitable for larger panel. However, this kind of diffuser plate won't be very thin and weights a little bit, and a reflective film at back to make sure light only come out at front. Since some light output is reflective light, so its usable lux per wattage is lower than other directional LED light applications.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Easy LED introduces new low 2015 price right now

It's just summer of 2014 right now; yet Easy LED Lighting has introduced its new low 2015 price. Compare to 2014 price, the prices are about 15% lower.
LED lighting uses less energy, generates less heat and last much longer
Their products include new style LED shoplight, LED converting kit.

LED product can be view at