Monday, April 28, 2014

LED Lamp can be even more pretty

I met this artist Holly Peters, she has a thing about making things more beautiful. By looking at photo at our Kickstarter project, she had few ideas about making our lamp more pretty from a already distinctive looking lamp  such as:

So we met and I gave her a set of our World Lamp. This is the result of her work.

She did some paper carving and painting and put those small decorative item on the lamp shell, and that look nice.

But wait, that's not all. Wait till we turn on the light:

The aquarium scene of Under the Sea is more attractive with our blue lamp shell, nice.

How about your own design? For sure you can come out something is even more nicer.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer is coming, another reason to switch to LED lighting

Did you hear the true story happened in Europe after they banned selling of incandescent light bulb?    One guy put out ads to sell 100 Watt incandescent bulb and it was completely legal. How come? His ads reads "Electrical Heating Device". The Ads can't be more true, traditional incandescent bulb converts 5% energy into light; and 95% of energy into heat, quite a efficiency heating device.  
You may or may not know this: all your lighting device has a common byproduct that is heat.
At winter time, that's not a problem at all. just burning a little bit more electricity. At summer time, the heat can be quite annoying.
For example, My kitchen was using 4 T8 tubes in ceiling light, that's 140 watt of heat and light in total; but ultimately everything would come down to heat.  Later on I convert the light using 4 LED modules and that was 60 Watt. Weeks later, I feel the light is too much and took out one module and re-arrange the positions and that become 45Watts and I feel the light is just right. By doing so, I also trim off over 90 watt in heat. If we had to move energy using AC, we have to use more energy. That's quite an effort for Air Conditioner to move out during summer time.

LED light not only use less energy to light up, at summer time, it also require less AC effort to remain coolness.  That's double saving. has many LED Lighting products of choice.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Should lamp weight a lot? (Earthquake safety)

Last week LA was hit by a magnitude 5.1 earthquake, we were just glade no one was killed or serious injured, then this week Chile was shook by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake. Thanks to strict building code, only few were killed in this earthquake despite its super strength.

I remember watching a video of simulated earthquake, everything was shacking, especial the hanging shop light style lamp in the middle of room. It started moving back and forth, suddenly one chain that leash one side of lamp broke, and the lamp just swam though the room, like a knife hang by its end, then fall on floor, smash into piece. Of course, that was a fluorescent shop light with glass tubes. With the power of simulated earthquake keep increasing, eventually cabinet, bookshelf all fall, making bigger mess; but I remember the lamp fixture was first one that broke out of control.

Why? a typical 4' long T8 fluorescent shop light weights nearly 10lbs, and they are hang high by two thin chains which give it waggle room to work on the damage. And after it fall, shattered glass can further do more damages.

Look at the traditional shop light design, sheet metal lamp shell, metal box ballast, long glass tubes, sounds like a trouble prone combination. and no wonder it has to weight so much. Do we really have to have all that to make light?
Here is our answer to that. Our World Lamp LED shop light is a 36" long shop light that illuminate as good as a 4 feet long two T8 fluorescent tube. Yet our lamp only weights 1 lb 10 oz. It can be hang by two small nails or thin chain/wires.

Illustration: World Lamp shop light hang by two thin metal wires
 And the lamp is made by safe material; it doesn't contain glass, mercury or any other dangerous material. Even when it does fall from high space, it wouldn't do much harm.
This is a nice lamp, low cost as lower than $50 per lamp. The price near a traditional fluorescent shop light , but it's LED light source, use about half of energy and will last much longer.

World Lamp is available at