Monday, January 27, 2014

Does LED bulb really save?

Average California residential users pay about 17 cents per Kilowatt-hour. Electricity rate has became higher at recent years. If that's not enough bad news; the worse news is it would probably only go higher as demand keep increase while Electric vehicles become more and more popular. So, is it a good idea to pay a premium on LED bulbs to save electricity bill?  The answer is Yes, also No.

It's a common false believe that LED saves energy in a great deal than all other light sources. The fact is, LED bulb, while cost many times more,  just do slightly better, in terms of energy efficiency, compare to CFL bulb.  (See below comparison chart)
When compare LED lighting to fluorescent T5 tubes, they have about same energy to lumen ratio.

Minimum light output (lumens) Electrical power consumption (Watts)
Incandescent Compact fluorescent     LED
450 40 9–13 4–9
800 60 13–15 10–15
1,100 75 18–25 17
1,600 100 23–30 22

The real energy saving come from one unique characteristic of LED. In nature, LED is a directional light source; its light come out from a silicon die mounted on base board, and light emits outward. To make a LED light bulb to have light come out 360 degree around, manufacture has to come out special design to ensure omnidirectional light output.

 On the other hand, use omnidirectional light source in a directional lamp application would need reflective panel to put as much as light into use instead of just get wasted. In some application such as ceiling light, street light or shop light could save 50% of energy compare to fluorescent luminary.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to install Diffuser Film

Easy LED module has a special diffuser film design for it. This high efficient diffuser film can fully smooth out the intense light for comfort viewing by naked  eyes.
To install this film, first find orientation. There is a cut corner to match wire solder points, four tabs for going under PCB module thin slots.

First one side of tabs through slots under PCB, then bent the film so it can cover the light come our from LED.

Slide tabs from the other side between installed tabs and PCB fully and installation is done.

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