Tuesday, February 16, 2016

S-Deal ( Steal deal )


S-Deal (steal) sales

Help us sell on Amazon,  Not just enjoy the super low price, but also get GREAT rebates.

Lucky price $9.99 for 1 LED Safety light limited for only 20 units, and rebate $9
Lucky price for 2 LED Safety light $19.99 limited for only 20 units, and rebate $18

Before 3/5/2016 just email easyledlighting@gmail.com with the following
1.     Email with subject line  "5 stars rebate"
2.     Your purchase information
3.     A positive 5 star rating and at least 24 word feedback on Amazon.
4.     email account to receive Paypal rebate.

You will get rebate through Paypal payment to your assigned email account.
One rebate per buyer. Limited time offer only. If return or refund wanted, must deduct the rebate amount.


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