Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mount Easy LED module to wood frame

The main enemy for high power LED is heat. Our special design quickly dissipates heat from tiny LED chip to large area metal mounting plate; but the end game is still to spread heat out of this module to its surrounding, air in most cases.

If the application is to attach LED module to metal lamp case, then heat dissipation won't be a problem at all. So is to set it by itself that both sides of plate exposed to free air.

However, it's common desire that we want to attach this module to wood frame, which is easy mounting. The bad thing about it is that: Wood dissipates heat slowly, by attaching one side of LED module plate to wood, it's like cover 50% of heat sink area to stop heat transfer to air. That's bad and what can we do if we have to?

     Keep Air Flow
Below is an example how I attach our module to wood frame. I use screw nuts as spacer to keep air still get in touch with both sides of metal plate. Also it would be wise to mount the module to an airy location to keep cool. The result is good enough to sustain heat dissipation.


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