Monday, August 18, 2014

New Packaging of World Lamp

Our World Lamps have been our best selling item, but it had been always packed in 4 lamps package. The long box packs 4 lamp shells, and 4 smaller boxes hold one light unit each. Then the whole package is shrink wrapped in thick plastic cover to be water repelled. This is nice but anyone buys World lamp have to get 4; no change. Package come in just 8 lbs.

 Recently we found USPS provides this 37" triangle shipping tube for free if you ship priority. So we decided that would help our business to provide some flexibility. We split the box of 4 lamps into two priority shipping tubes, and our customer now can order 2 lamps at almost half of price of 4 lamp pack.
The 2 lamp pack come in under 4 lbs.

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